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Ulyanovsk furniture manufacturers united to enter the European market through the Czech Republic.


The Business day of the Russian Federation meeting was held in Brno in October 2018. One of its highlights was the agreement on opening an Ulyanovsk region trade representative office in the Czech Republic. It is to become an exportation business incubator for Ulyanovsk manufacturers that will enhance the exports to Eastern Europe and the European Union. The aim of the institution is to increase the exportation numbers by 2.5 times by 2025.

“We have already thought of a potential strategic partner owning required infrastructure and warehouses, so at the moment we are working on the details of our cooperation,” explains Aleksandr Smekalkin, head of Ulyanovsk region government. “By the end of the year we plan to deliver a pilot batch comprising furniture, decorations, doors, and construction materials. We hope to introduce around a dozen of Ulyanovsk companies to the European market during our first operational year.”

This project will allow resident companies of the representative office to partake in trade fairs starting from 2019. A number of companies, such as Inzensky DOZ, furniture factories Kolibri, Salezh, Leo and Fort, to name a few, is reported to be interested in the project.

According to the officials, the produce of Ulyanovsk region manufacturers is to be delivered to Czech Republic as a general cargo by the highway transportation. Upon arriving all the goods will undergo a procedure of customs clearance, be transported to warehouses and demonstrated at expositions to potential customers. The products can also be sold in retail and small wholesale channels through European distributors or online shops.

The companies that would find trade partners of their own can manage their business without the help of the representative office, while still enjoying state exportation support on federal and regional levels.


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