Project in Asino heads into the homestretch

“RosKitInvest” carried out a Performance Qualification of a new MDF plant in the Tomsk region.


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In September 2016, RosKitInvest (a Russian subsidiary of the Chinese company AVIC Forestry) carried a Performance Qualification of an MDF plant in Asino, the Tomsk region. The annual capacity of the enterprise in Asino is 200 thousand cubic meters of MDF. The production site will include a lamination shop – the installation of manufacturing machinery has already begun.

The plant is built at the site of the former factory “DSP-2”, which was in operation in the 70’s-80’s. The equipment was completely dismantled, the building was demolished. The new industrial building is considerably bigger than the old one.

RosKitInvest builds several objects in the Asino timber industry park. A wood veneer producing plant with a capacity of 110 thousand cubic meters per year has been already put into service and has started operating at full capacity. In June 2016, the commission of an edged board producing enterprise took place.

In total, AVIC Forestry plans to build 10 objects in the Verkhneketsky, Teguldetsky and Asinovsky districts in the Tomsk region by 2022, among them plywood factories, chipboard plants, laminate and furniture factories, as well as a combined heat and power plant with a capacity of 48 MW.


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