Nobilia switched to the master brand strategy in Russia

The biggest German kitchen company drew up abudget for its brand promotion in Russia.


Germans believe in the productiveness of further cooperation with the Moscow dealers. In 2015, the Russian market brought the company a little more than 3.5 million euros. Sales growth was enhanced by the regional dealer network, which Premiumwerk alliance have been forming the last three years, carefully selecting partners.

It is significant that in the Russian capital the company from now on counts on the active promotion of the brand: it has already involved interior fashion magazines and the Internet in it. The German factory itself adopted and approved the advertising budget for 2017. Her joy over this fact expresses Tatiana Rubinov, the head of Premiumwerk – the union representing the interests of Nobilia in Russia.

“We know that Moscow buyers are used to trust a particular brand and prefer it over no name products, and especially it is true when it comes to German products,” — says Tatiana Rubinov. “However, it took us several years to convince the Nobilia leaders of it. As the largest kitchen supplier, the company prefers not to invest in the brand and gives this right to its numerous partners instead. That’s why Nobilia kitchens are sold worldwide under thirty different brands. Some Russian dealers also use this scheme. However, now we are going to invest in the promotion of master brand.”

A credit for Nobilia adjusting its strategy in the Russian market goes to the factory’s new Moscow partners. A few months ago, Premiumwerk signed contracts with reputable traders, Eclectic Group and “Trio Interior”. The first has a vast experience in sales of German kitchens and holds dominant positions in selling such brands as Leicht, Nolte and Bulthaup. The second focuses on luxury furniture and runs the well-known eponymous network of furniture stores.

The owner of Eclectic Group, Dmitry Bukhanov, fully supports the Premiumwerk’s view on branding Nobilia’s retail sites.

“The brand certainly matters for Moscow buyers,” — he says. “The credibility of the brand is also important for designers who represent a large part of our clients. So, I'm glad to present Nobilia’s offers in decent interiors.”

The first Nobilia studio by Eclectic Group was opened in late October on Bolshaya Dorogomilovskaya. It is a bold marketing ploy: the salon is located next to Nolte showroom, which Dmitry Bukhanov presented two years ago.

“We're going to take this step consciously,” – admits the head of Eclectic Group. “The vicinity of Nolte, a brand well-known to Moscow public, will give the opportunity to play on the price contrast. Nobilia’s kitchens are thirty or forty percent cheaper than Nolte’s, and today it is becoming a key advantage. Moscow luxury kitchen market is experiencing a certain turbulence. Sales in most companies have fallen. Designers, who we cooperate with, are interested in finding European furniture at a reasonable price. Nobilia fits the bill.”  


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