Nobilia goes digital in Russia

The Premiumwerk trade union, the representative of German kitchen company Nobilia in Russia, extended its dealership support.


A30 Küchenmeile in German Westphalia-Lippe region took place on 15-20 of September 2018. The fair welcomes thousands of retailers every year. Nobila, the world's largest kitchen manufacturer, has made the most prominent event program at A30.

Not only could visitors of the home show look at the new products of the brand, but Nobilia also showcased its hall and bathroom furniture. The company invited everyone for a tour at the factory. And, finally, Nobilia presented European cutting-edge developments for kitchen retail management in A30 digital innovation pavilion. Exhibition also saw providers of VR software focusing on augmented reality projects, manufacturers of the equipment for interior virtual modelling, companies offering innovative kitchen planners, and many others.

“Trade and services digitization was the key idea of our new home show,” says the head of Premiumwerk Tatiana Rubinov. “The company showed it was open to ultramodern ideas in sales management, and it was ready to promote those ideas to its partners. The Premiumwerk union, a Nobilia representative in Russia, followed its major supplier and likewise presented a range of digital services to improve managing an efficient business.”

At a dealer meeting within the home show, Premiumwerk presented its brand new kitchen planner Winner Design, a simple yet efficient sales tool developed especially for kitchen sellers. However, the most exciting news at the show was launching of, a full-featured customer website, powerful and long-anticipated working tool.

“Premiumwerk team is in charge of the website development, content and support,” Tatiana Rubinov says. “I would like to underline that it is not a business card website or a mere Russian translation of Nobilia official site, it is an independent product with its own distinct aims. The point is that leading Russian kitchen manufacturers had long used their websites as sales tools. We thought that dealers promoting Nobilia brand should not lag behind in service, so we developed a separate website, a tool sufficient for both B2B and B2C clients.”

For dealers, Pemiumwerk is developing a full-featured CRM system based on this platform. The customer section includes kitchen budget calculator, online planner, 3D interior planner program, product brochure, form for requesting free consultations and many more.

“While working on the website, we tried to cover all the details possible in the kitchen sale process,” explains Tatiana Rubinov. “For instance, we added information about ongoing discounts. This information depends on the city where the dealer works. We also uploaded pictures of our projects implemented in Russian homes. We made an exhaustive guide on kitchen trends, styles, colours and textures, as well as developed a site section for architects and designers.”

The Premiumwerk union is intended to expand Nobilia consumer audience in Russia. Thus its next step is launching an online advertising campaign. When the company first came to Russia, its kitchens emerged as the premium segment ones, due to the dealers, who usually worked with foreign products. However, since last year the brand has moved to a more affordable price segment. Nobilia dealership is extending mostly thanks to retailers targeting at middle class customers.

“We already are in a strong competition with Russian manufacturers,“ says Tatiana Rubinov. “To lead the field. we need to have a better focused marketing. Today, we can only achieve it by implementing a carefully planned digital conception.”

The advertising campaign is to start in March 2019. By that time, the company’s Russian website will have been finished off and loaded with content, while Premiumwerk marketing team will have had a comprehensive online advertising conception.

“We are planning to combine a number of services for effective SEO and contextual marketing in one interface for our partners, to attract target traffic without using middlemen or spending too much time and money” adds Tatiana Rubinov. “We firmly believe that promotion has little sense without measuring KPI, so, to be convenient, our CRM system will include analytics unit to collect all relevant statistical data for various metrics.”


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