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BOYARD celebrates the 15th anniversary of its trademark. Today, every Russian furnituremaker knows it.


 The Russian company BOYARD belongs to a very narrow range of domestic manufacturers, who offer the market both decorative and functional hardware. Technologically and conceptually, these are two completely different product groups.

“The market of decorative hardware and the market of functional hardware are very different,” — says Elena Vinogradova, marketing director in BOYARD. “Each of the directions has its own special way of promotion on the market, its own pattern of working with clients, its history and its ways of existence and development. When we were only beginners back in 2002 and released the first hinge with our logo, we were already aware of this. Therefore, we tried to distribute assets and resources within the company, so that the forces were equally sufficient for both global directions. In BOYARD these directions develop independently of each other, but still synchronously. You know, it’s like when a family raises twins. Each of them is a unique personality, individuality. But both equally need love and care.”

As early as in 2003, that is a year after the appearance of BOYARD, the line of the decorative fittings was launched here. Over a year, three million metal handles have been sold at the price of plastic, which was quite unexpected for the market.

Now among the BOYARD buyers are mainly the furniture makers of the economy and middle segments. “We work on the democratic level because we know how to make it cool and yet inexpensive. This is not easy and very interesting: every year we visit the world’s largest industry exhibitions and try to translate the leading trends in our product range, make the “high” fittings fashion available to the masses. Consider this our mission, BOYARD’s overarching goal, and we are going to work in this market and with this audience, too. Representatives of the luxury segment have been lately becoming BOYARD customers more often without much effort from our side: people see that our product is a product of decent quality and design, so why pay more? That is, the premium buyer consciously makes a choice in favor of BOYARD.

According to Ms. Vinogradova, the secret of accessibility of BOYARD hardware in comparison with European counterparts is that BOYARD never adds unnecessary features to it. A hinge should be easy to install, durable, it should hold the facade securely and close it gently. A pull-out system should withstand the load and ensure an easy and smooth movement of the box. Mesh accessories must be durable and practical. Fancy colors of the internal surfaces, special coatings, design options — all these are super properties, an attempt to sell the goods at higher prices.

“The prior thing in our business is to offer hardware, the exploitation of which will be comfortable and imperceptible for the end user. In addition, the cost of some European employee’s labour is put in the simplest hinge from Europe. In BOYARD’s production these costs are reduced, automated labour substitutes manual one, so the prices of our handles, hinges and door closers are much more democratic.”

In the period of stagnation of the Russian furniture market BOYARD improves its product range taking into account the interests of those furniture makers who have lost the opportunity to work with hardware that had become more expensive.

“According to our records, the share of the BOYARD brand on the market is increasing,” — says Ms. Vinogradova. “We do not wait for it to become better and easier, we are working in the new conditions. We are looking for the new efficient sales channels — for example, we have opened an online store, now we are developing new territories and, of course, updating all of our major product lines.”  


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