Giulia Novars + Ekaterina Elizarova

Giulia Novars has created a perfect furniture collection, representing “the new luxury”, in partnership with the famous designer.


Giulia Novars is a luxury furniture brand and the only Russian kitchen company that got the Red Dot award. Over the past several years, the factory has been consistently moving towards a universal product line, adding new product groups to its assortment. In the autumn of 2017 Giulia Novars brought to the market an aristocratic collection for the walk-in closet “Manhattan”, designed in co-authorship with Ekaterina Elizarova.

Elizarova's name is well known on both sides of the Atlantic. In 2014, design items by Ekaterina Elizarova were assigned a status of art objects and with the support of the Tajan auction house are now officially being exhibited at auctions in Paris. The creative duo Giulia Novars + Elizarova turned out to be a great success, as the company and the designer share a common understanding of luxury, uncompromising attitude to the quality of materials and work, exquisite taste and attention to details.

The collection of dressing room furniture “Manhattan” recalls in memory the Golden Age of Hollywood. Bourgeois gloss without a hint of gaudiness – it is exactly what is usually called a “new luxury” and what the sophisticated connoisseur is able to appreciate. In this furniture line, Giulia Novars managed to show its unique technological and inventive skills in a new light. Feels like the Manhattan series was designed so that the factory was able to demonstrate how skillfully it can work with metal, glass, enamels, precious veneer and solid wood.

The planning capabilities of the Manhattan program are truly unique. The universal modular grid, on which the collection is based, allows creating a variety of furniture combinations – linear, angular, insular. The dressing room is complemented by an impeccably elegant bench with leather bolsters. Each element of Manhattan furniture is self-sufficient and can be used not only as part of the ensemble.

The first trade exposition of the Manhattan collection has appeared in Moscow – in the Giulia Novars showroom located in the furniture center Grand. Professionals highly appreciated the novelty, and Giulia Novars has the right to count on the evaluation from its discerning end-users.


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