Fight against textile counterfeit products has been extended


In accordance with regulatory standards and anti-counterfeit measures, as well as changes of the Federal Service for Intellectual Property, Termopol LLC, the owner of Холлофайбер® (Hollowfiber®) trademark, has extended its exclusive license for the brand for 10 more years (until 2027).

The company has systematically been taking measures to battle counterfeit, pirate products and unlawful use of Холлофайбер® (Hollowfiber®) brand, which was acknowledged Well-known trade mark № 101 and got additional legal protection.

The all-Russia expert sociological polling showed that Холлофайбер® (Hollowfiber®), used for nonwoven materials, produced by Termopol factory, is very well known among specialists in Russian companies, consuming nonwoven fabric (91% of specialists are familiar with it), and are very well known among these specialists compared to a factory producing nonwoven materials — Termopol (76,9% of specialists are familiar with it).

This year Холлофайбер® (Hollowfiber®) brand is celebrating its 20th anniversary. The company will mark this event with a special program. It includes preventive, complaint and explanatory work with violators, as well as law-enforcement measures, which have been strengthened since the beginning of this year.

The owner of technology and producer of technological thermal insulation and fillings is fighting against counterfeit products not only in Russia. Холлофайбер® (Hollowfiber®) is also registered and protected by law in Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine.

According to the company’s law department, there are several hundred complaints a year concerning unlawful use of Холлофайбер® (Hollowfiber®) trademark. In 2016 all of them were settled.

The total volume of counterfeit products on the textile market of the Customs Union is estimated at 1,37 trillion rub. In 2014–2016 work of more than 80 illegal plants were shut down. The scale of textile counterfeit is still a serious obstacle for the activity of legal producers.  


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