Cherepovets Plywood and Furniture Plant celebrated its 60th anniversary.


In November 2018, Cherepovets Plywood and Furniture Plant (CPFP) turned 60. The plant was set up in November 1958, and the first batch of plywood was produced then. Thus it became an officially operating facility of the country’s plywood industry.

Today CFMK manufactures over 40 different items employing the technologies of advanced wood processing. The company’s produce includes birch plywood and components, chipboard, melamine-faced chipboard (MFC), and sawn wood. The goods are selling well both in Russia and overseas. CPFP supplies over 50 countries worldwide. For its significant contribution to improving external economic relations, the company was awarded Best Russian Exporter prize several times.

During its 60-year-old history the plant has produced over 2.6 million cubic meters of plywood and around 5.6 million cubic meters of chipboard. Now CPFP is introducing NORDECO, its new MFC brand for interior design.

“According to our overall production rate, we are a top 5 Russian forestry manufacturer,” says Evgeniy Korotkov, general director at CPFP. “During the last ten years we have managed to increase the manufacture of boards and plywood by around 2.5 times, from 117,000 to 280,000 cubic metres, and from 73,000 to 163,000 cubic metres, respectively.”

At the moment Cherepovets plant is changing its management strategy and is transfering to a holding structure.

Fibrolite, the new CPFP establishment, is going to manufacture fibrolite boards. By drawing 2.45 billion rubles in investments, the company has already become a flagman resident of a priority development area within the Cherepovets industrial park. This year Fibrolite is planning to enhance its manufacturing and make up to 100,000 cubic metres of the produce per year. The plant is to start operating in the first quarter of 2019, and it will embrace 150 workers.

“Now we are a group of companies that comprises four facilities,” explains Korotkov. “CPFP, the head office, Fibrolite, Plywood and Furniture Plant shopping centre, and a plant in Vokhtoga.”

About a hundred of Russian and foreign partners came to honor the plant. CPFP was happy to have Dieffenbacher (CPFP took honor in finishing the company’s press line at its chipboard shop); Eltomation, a major equipment supplier for ne fiberboard line; Finnish Raute, veneer peeling machines manufacturer, and Japanese Kikukawa and Hashimoto among the guests.

To celebrate its anniversary, the company held a concert in a town’s major venue. Local government officials came to praise the plant; Margarita Guseva, Cherepovets city manager, the mayor Elena Avdeeva, Duma member Aleksey Kanaev, and deputy governor of Vologda region Mikhail Glazkov expressed their regards for the company and awarded the best 55 CPFP employees with prizes on federal and regional levels.

Evgeniy Korotkov was also happy to give a speech at the event.

“We hold an anniversary every five years, and each time we are getting better at it. First of all, I would like to thank our team for that. We all contribute to development of our plant, and we all care for it deeply. Thank you so much!”

Anniversary concert featured renowned Russian rock band DDT as a headliner. The musicians were so well received, they couldn’t even leave the stage after goodbyes. The fans demanded for more hits and, especially, the song Rodina. The concert lasted for 2 hours altogether, and then the event continued with a dinner party and spectacular fireworks.


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