Criss-cross adds content to its omnichannels.


Online retailer celebrated its 3-year anniversary with opening a showroom at home, in Vladimir. Up until recently the retailer was present only in Moscow (since 2015) and St. Petersburg (since April, 2018). In Vladimir the company is going to try out regional sales.

“We aim at expanding our presence,” says Anton Makarov, head of “St. Petersburg was a very successful start, now the city accounts for 10% of our overall sales. I believe that coming to new regions will double our income. Shortly after Vladimir we are opening stores in Tula, Ryazan, Tver and Yaroslavl. After that we will go south, and north up to Urals. In the long run, it will allow us to considerably increase our customer audience.”

Getting ready to grow its influence, the retailer changed the shops conception. The whole chain now has the united standards of locating and exhibiting.

New setup of Divan’s trading facilities is mirroring its online product display. The company’s showrooms are much more than simply arranged sofas. Upholstered furniture there is accompanied by pillows, lamps, tables and shelves. When you see it, the only thing you can think about is ‘can I take home the whole ensemble, please’.

All the stores primarily showcase Woodcraft, furniture of their own production. The brand presents 70s style economy sofas, soft beds and interesting supporting furniture.

According to Anton Makarov, is enhancing both online and offline services, while meeting the needs of mass consumer and fulfilling unconventional orders. The company’s aim is to profit from boosting the synergy of online and offline channels. Today website takes around 1,500 orders a week, and head of the company believes these numbers will considerably grow after launching offline shops.


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