Closer to Italy

Shatura furniture company develops a joint marketing project with Municipality of Rimini, Italy.


In early September 2018, Moscow department store Mebel Park Rumyantsevo raffled free trips to Italy. The Buy and Travel to Rimini promotion by Shatura company started on June 1 and continued for three months. To take part in the prize drawing, one needed to spend at least 60,000 rubles at any shop of the company.

“During the summer we were raffling six trips every month,” explains Shatura’s head of marketing, Viktoria Terekhova. “The giveaway events were held in Moscow Shatura stores, namely, the ones at Grand, Roomer and Rumyantsevo. This year we’ve handed tickets to the winners from across Russia: Moscow and Moscow region, Nizhny Novgorod, Novosibirsk, Abakan, Syktyvkar and Nizhnekamsk.”

Shatura is organizing the Buy and Travel to Rimini promo for the second year already, and the company believes this campaign to be very promising. According to Viktoria Terekhova, it is no coincidence that the promotion has an Italian hint. It is a part of a greater marketing campaign supporting the motto ‘Created in Italy, Made in Russia’.

In 2017, the company became an official partner of Municipality of Rimini (Comune di Rimini) thanks to the factory’s director Davide Delarossa. Affordable Italy, a cross marketing project by Rimini City Council and Russian furniture company, was presented at a tourism expo Mitt di Mosca 2017. The partnership program implied Shatura providing its customers with special bonuses on Rimini tours, for instance, free city tours.

“Rimini is a special place for us”, says Viktoria Terekhova. “One of our hit collections of Trend House line is named after this gorgeous city. We also use the pictures of Rimini in designing our product brochures and decorating the stores, while one can spot the beaches and sceneries of Emilia-Romagna region in Shatura video ads.”

The furniture company thus creates a connection between its own produce and the popular Italian resort, which allows Shatura to build an image connected to Italian furnishing philosophy so appreciated by the Russians.


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