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New culinary arts academy emerged in Moscow.


Gaggenau Culinary Arts Academy is a joint project of Moscow House of German Kitchen and the German brand of premium kitchen equipment. At first it looks as a showroom packed with Gaggenau sales hits, but in reality it is much more than a mere store.

House of German Kitchen is a leading premium furniture showroom in Moscow. It is situated on Leninsky Avenue, the street, which is most popular among kitchen stores. The salon features the products of Allmilmö, Next125, Schüller, Beckermann, Sachsen küchen, W.Schillig, Gwinner, and Rolf Benz.

Gaggenau Academy has a space of 400 sq. m. About a dozen units of kitchen equipment are situated in Beckerman section. The Academy functions as a culinary workshop holding master classes from renowned chefs and sommeliers, and it is often the Gaggenau company itself that chooses and invites the speakers. However, the House of German Kitchen holds its own events, the showroom even hired its own brand chef. The events of the House of German Kitchen are attended by both devoted customers and partners of the retailer, such as designers and architects.

“Primary and the most obvious aim of the Academy is to promote Gaggenau brand,” says Aleksandr Kucherov, the owner of the House of German Kitchen. “If we want our customers to consider buying items from a luxurious Gaggenau brand, we need to show them the benefits of the equipment. The perfect way to do it is to make a demonstration right in our shop, and it is exactly what we are doing. Besides, we also offer our equipment test drives: we ask our clients to pick up the food they want and come to our showroom to cook it. If needed, we ask our brand chef to help.

The platform also has another aim, which is communication. Our customers and partners know well, that in Gaggenau Academy they can try new original recipes as well as simply have fun or exchange contacts. If a person regularly attends the Academy, they might get a sound grasp of wines, that are largely present in shops today.”

The House of German Kitchen holds educational culinary shows every season, though Aleksandr Kucherov is intended to have them more regularly.

“It’s been a while since people came to shops to simply buy products,” he explains. “They strive for something festive, for socialization. They don’t just need goods, but the impressions.”

Gaggenau representatives in Russia fully back the initiatives of the House of German Kitchen and support the project.

“Having the House of German Kitchen as our partner is a blessing,” says Natalia Bobrova, the head of marketing and advertising at Gaggenau Russia. “We embrace various types of cooperation with kitchen retail, but it is hard to find a shop willing to give such a considerable space for all our products. The Gaggenau Academy conception fully corresponds with the brand philosophy.”


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